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THE Library

By Scott Z. Burns

January 12th, 2017-feb 4th, 2017

"The actors do a fantastic job emotionally portraying the community trying to come to terms with what happened and move on." - Playlist HQ

"A very heartbreaking show [...] an insightful play about being a teenager in such a terrible situation" - Ada Grey

Clinical but wrenching [...] there are some astutely captured moments here." -The Chicago Reader


The Library tells the story of Caitlin Gabriel, who survives a deadly shooting at her high school. She struggles to tell her story to her parents, the authorities, and anyone who will listen. But there are other narratives that gain purchase in the media and paint her in a different light. The Library is a bold and chilling play that asks us to examine our relationship to the truth, and the lies that claim to heal us.


Directed by Logan Hulick*

Assistant Directed by Cordie Nelson

Stage Managed by Nate Dion

Asst. Stage Managed by  Patrick O'Brien

Lighting Designed by David Trudeau

Sound Designed by Brendan Monte*

Scenic Designed by Alex Connor




Jennifer Cheung as The Publisher

Matthew Collins as Detective Washburn

Chris Hayhurst as Nurse

Adam Huizenga as Marshall Bauer

Reagan James as Surgeon

Vic Kuligoski as Ryan Mayes

Maria Margaglione* as Dawn Sheridan

Lindsey Markham* as Caitlin Gabriel

Scott Olson as Nolan Gabriel

  Reginald Robinson Jr. as Father Dunston

     Tricia Rogers as Elizabeth Gabriel

   Elise Spoerlein as Special Master Thornton


Is It Feasible?

Based on short stories by Bulgarian humorist Chudomir


Company member Zlatomir Moldovanski performed his one man show "Is It Feasible?" which is based on short stories by the Bulgarian humorist Chudomir. The performance was a fundraiser for Level 11 Theatre  took place at the Public House Theatre on August 17th. 


By Martin Casella

May 19th, 2016-June 12th, 2016

"[...] all performances are on-the-money in a simple in-the-round staging." -Windy City Times
"[...] the production is hilarious and dramatic. The entire cast is fantastic and they feed off each other's energy expertly." -Playlist HQ
"[...] an incredibly funny and crass journey that takes an honest glimpse into the pants and hearts of a group of greatly troubled men." - Theatre by Numbers



From its blistering language to its brutally honest and comedic look at sex and body image, The Irish Curse is a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity. In doing so, it dares to pose the fundamental question that has been on the minds of men since the beginning of time: "Do I measure up to the next guy?"



Dennis Bisto* as Kieran

James Bould as Father Kevin

Rob Grabowski as Joseph

Logan Hulick* as Rick

Neil O'Callaghan as Stephen




Directed by Justin Baldwin

Assistant Directed by Zlatomir Maldovanski*

Stage Managed by Rose Hamil

Assistant Stage Managed by Arielle Gitlin

Media Directed by Sam Bengtson

Lighting Designed by David Trudeau

Sound Designed by Brendan Monte*

Set Design by Joshua Claybough





* denotes ensemble member


by Eric Bogosian

July 30th, 2015-August 31st, 2015


"A-modern day tragedy.  A thought provoking play filled with brilliant acting" -Chicago News
"All the acting in this Level 11 production is exceptionally high energy [...] and absolutely buoyant." - Chicago Reader
"Level 11 Productions' revival explodes slow dynamite over two hours." - Stage and Cinema
"The acting was powerful, truthful, and emotional [...] This play is worth a look." - Chicago Critic


Remember the nights spent with your friends talking about what life will hold? The discussions about what you really want to accomplish that seem to last forever? The nights you never wanted to end? Those are etched in our memory as moments that cemented the path to who we are today. SubUrbia is a coming of age story about three best friends who are trying to find their purpose in life within their lost world of the American suburb. They struggle with the trials and tribulations of growing up with an uncertain future whille desperately clinging on to the memories they long to relive. Will they find their purpose in life or will they find that the dreams they once had will never come true?



Directed by Justin Baldwin

Assistant Directed by Dennis Bisto*

Stage Managed by Julie Leghorn

Media Directed by Sam Bengtson

Lighting Designed by James Lees

Sound Designed by Matt Reich

Scenic Painted by Anthony Venturini

Production Assisted by Arielle Gitlin

Fight Captain'd by Erin Nedelman



Jesse-James Austin as Norman

Amber Calderon as Erika

Colin David as Buff

Halie Ecker as Bee Bee

Logan Hulick* as Pony

Kiayla Jackson as Pakeeza

Grant Michael Johnson* as Tim

Brendan Monte* as Jeff

Erin Nedelman as Sooze



* denotes ensemble member

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