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The official website of Level 11 Theatre: a Chicago based theatre company.

Season 2 is in the works!

By Leslye Headland

Directed by Spenser Davis at The Den Theatre: October 12th-November 5th

"Lost Girls"
By John Pollono

Early 2018

Level 11 Theatre is raising funds to kickstart our next season and you can help us.

Your donations will pay our collaborators, providing opportunities for fellow artists in the Chicago Theatre Community, i.e. stage managers, crew members, set and lighting designers, directors, actors, etc. Your donations will also pay for costumes, props, performance spaces and promotional materials. At Level 11 we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our fellow artists in the theatre community and feel a responsibility to pay them for their work. Your donations will allow us to do so, while creating theatrical experiences of the utmost quality for our audiences. Give us the fuel to take things to the next level!  

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